Custom Party Cake Pricing

Please inquire about your custom cake order by calling us directly at 817-616-5199.

Online ORDER inquiries are no longer accepted for custom party cakes.

Use this chart to help you visualize your cake shape. Pricing and serving sizes are included.

There are several cake shapes available for custom cakes. A few of our most popular cake shapes are listed below. For bigger cake sizes, give us a call for more pricing. 


ROUND 1-tier cakes

4" 2-layers (Smash Cake)     $18.00

6" 3-layers - Serves 12-15     $67.50

8" 3-layers - Serves 25     $112.50

10" 3-layers - Serves 40     $180.00


Round 2-tier cakes

6" 4"   3-layers per tier - Serves 20     $90.00

8" 6"   3-layers per tier - Serves 45     $202.50



Walnuts, Pecans, or Almonds in Filling (per tier)    $3.00

Handmade Fondant Sugar Flower Blossom (ea)    $15.00

Handmade Fondant Sugar Flower Bud (ea)    $5.00

Handmade Edible Wafer Paper Flower (ea)    $18.00

Edible Gold or Silver Leaf starts at $20.00

0% deposit is required to book. Full payment required to book orders under $20. Prices are subject to change at any time. Guarantee your price by booking today by calling 817-616-5199. For wedding cake prices and information, click here.

For the HoneyLove MENU, click here.  Intricate or timely techniques can change any custom cake price, so Contact HLC to discuss design details. 

Cake tiers are three layers each unless otherwise noted. Cake pricing is based on buttercream cakes with fondant details. For fondant-covered cakes, add $1.50 per serving.