You Are part of a bigger picture.

Thank you, HoneyLoves




Hello, there! 

The HoneyLove calendar is permanently closed.

Dearest HoneyLoves,

It’s a struggle to explain the impact that HoneyLove has had on my life. It was the single most difficult and rewarding experience that I have ever accomplished professionally. I learned more about myself than I could ever express, and while life’s lessons certainly slapped me in the face on the regular, I can honestly say that I would have still went for it, even if I predicted it’s eventual exit. HoneyLove showed me what I’m capable of. 

Before this, I could never fathom working a 36-hour shift. I survived four of them. 12-hour days were the average and 8-hour days were “short days”. There’s no calling in sick, but that’s expected. No big deal. Vacations are out of the question because, you know, all our chips are on this bet. So we press on every day with our plan because we have no choice now but to do it. 

The biggest rewards were, by far, not about money. It was about the people. You can learn so much about someone in the kitchen.

My husband and I learned about one another. Our life was centered around this mutual goal that we were equally dedicated to. We learned to work together like clockwork. 4:30am wake ups were more cherished in the end because we had evolved to enjoy the extra time together.  

I didn’t foresee falling in love with my team and feeling such a huge loss when they moved on. Emily, Kaysha, Boston, Mary & Maci,  Jordan, Jennifer, Kaylee, Téa. You were the good parts. You were my HoneyLove family for a period of time and I will always carry you in my heart with fond memories and laughter.

The down sides? There was some crying out loud. Sometimes it was the loss of a co-worker. Sometimes it was pure devastation of life’s circumstances. There was no time to grieve for family we lost. Friends and family parties were missed. My best friends’ babies barely know me. We’re losing touch with people. 

Endless hours on my feet became intertwined with feelings of guilt and missing out on the real things that matter. When it’s not about the money and it really is about the people, then what does this really mean to us?  JD and I have just begun our second phase in life as empty nesters. We’re ready to be with our family again. We’re ready to put our home back in order. We’re ready to spend more time with our dogs. They’ve been so patient.

We’re ready to live.

I’ve spent so many hours thinking about this whole experience over the last few weeks. I have an overwhelming sense of gratitude for HoneyLove. It showed me what I’m made of, so now I’m going to go tackle the things that matter.

HoneyLoves, you were all a part of a bigger picture. Thank you for your love. ❤️ 



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