How's it going?

It's been a looooooonng time since I've checked in. The last time I updated you on our progress we were just about to open up our bakery in Hurst. I pretty much walked into that new HoneyLove kitchen and took up residence for the last nine and a half months. My social life consists only of those who visit me at the bakery. My personal life usually revolves around how much sleep I can cram in before the alarm goes off again tomorrow. Every. Single. Day.

It's been a blur. We hit the ground running on the 23rd of May, the day our lives changed forever. I sit here now, battered, bruised, overwhelmingly exhausted, stronger than ever, and incredibly proud of what we've accomplished. The experience of the last year has brought on more pressure than I've ever had, but it's also introduced an extraordinary opportunity to meet and bond with some pretty wonderful people; people who I have the privilege of working with every day and now consider part of my family. I am one lucky lady.

We lost a wonderful neighbor in February. Grain & Dairy Gourmet Grilled Cheese served their last customer on February 10th. It was sad day for our friends next door. We watched it being built right alongside HoneyLove last spring. Every step along the way was experienced together with our neighbors. It was a sad day for our friends. 

The closing of our neighbors brought forth an uncertainty for HoneyLove. Would the lack of foot traffic hurt our business? Where did our lunch rush go? Can we afford to lose our most active neighbor? It's been about six weeks now. And while the lunch rush disappeared, the cake rush has begun. We're busier than ever, and as it turned out, February was our best month, yet.

So, why have our hours changed? Well, many of you have had the pleasure of meeting Emily, my fantabulous, beautifully talented assistant. We are proud to announce that she has been accepted to attend TCU this fall! Of course, a plan like that doesn't come without its own pressures, so it was time for our Emily to concentrate more on her last stretch of school. Don't worry! She still comes around for visits.

Rather than rush into hiring just anyone, we decided to reduce our hours for a while until we found the perfect new addition to our team. Which brings me to our latest news... We welcomed Kriston to our team last week! She is going to take over where Emily left off, and she's really rocking it so far!

The last year has really been a whirlwind of craziness. It's blown by so quickly that it's hard to believe that our first anniversary is right around the corner. We have conquered orders that made us wonder "How'd we pull that off?" and pushed ourselves farther than we knew we could handle. Teamwork is an understatement. Late nights, early mornings, and even cat naps on the bathroom cot are just a glimpse of what this bakery has demanded of us. 

I'm going to be better about posting here. I can't promise that it will be every week, but I'm really interested in giving you a glimpse into our world. (It took me a week to pull this post together, so hopefully I'll get a little faster, too!) I want you to get to know us a little better and I hope that a little blogging will help. More to come this week, so don't go far!