The HLC bakery is coming!

I'm SORRY! It's been ages and ages since I written a good blog post. I'm dizzy from the head spinning that started in January. That's when we found the bakery location. When we talked on New Year's Eve about what 2016 had in store for us, I wouldn't have guessed this in a MILLION years. In fact, we were planning to finish up our home improvement projects. We had already begun to collect quite a bit of project materials in anticipation of our upcoming projects - at HOME.

It's so funny how life can take an unexpected turn. Almost out of habit I always kept a look out for the perfect HoneyLove location. I've been checking out locations for nearly two years. I've seen the entire perimeter of almost every plaza of potential leasing space in the Arlington area. The prospects were always grim, so I was patiently waiting for the right spot to turn up. I expanded my search one day in January. Why not see what's outside of Arlington? I have an open mind.

And there it was. 

My husband's family lives in Hurst and my sister-in-law does my hair nearby. I drove by after an appointment one day to check it out. It was empty. No other businesses. No walls. Nothing. Nah. This will never happen. I went home.

About a week later, I was looking around again and came across this space. I knew nothing about the area. I knew nothing about new construction. Why not give them a call? 

It's all a blur from there.

Within days, we had a deal. The owner (and his wonderful family) welcomed me in so graciously, with such enthusiasm. They pretty much took me by the hand and have walked me through this crazy process as we go. It's an overwhelming experience that I never could have gotten through or had the opportunity to experience without them. 

I have been posting a TON of pictures on Snapchat, and a few on Instagram. Here is a collection of snapshots during the construction phase.

We are finally nearing the end! We should have power by the end of this week and we hope to start moving in next week. Our grand opening will follow within a couple of weeks of moving in. I plan to have a solid date on the opening once our final inspection is complete.

May is full, but I am expanding my calendar starting in June! Let's start talking cake!