Valentine's Day... ALREADY!

(She says as Christmas music still plays in the next room.)

YES, it seems little early to start talking about the next holiday. I DO feel a little guilty for even bringing it up! But time is my nemesis these days. And those of you who feel like the older you get, the faster it goes... YOU GET ME.

I'm a planner. I can't help it. I'm always thinking about the next thing before the last thing ends. And in this case, that next thing just happens to be Valentine's Day! I hate to be the one to tell you, but time isn't slowing down for anyone! (Oh, and we barely have 5 weeks to figure this out!!!)

So, this is what I'm thinking...

I have this little set of cake designs set aside for occasions like these. I've only taken pictures of three of them so far, but there are six in the collection. Since I've been procrastinating on getting these cakes put together for so long (since before Mother's Day LAST YEAR), how about I get the remaining designs made, take a few pictures, and then GIVE THEM AWAY?!??! 

I thought you'd like that! Hehe!

Here's what I have so far:

There are three more designs in the collection that I only have on paper right now. These are the cakes that I need to bring to life (and will be giving away) in the next week or so:

The final designs could change once I get into my kitchen and start flinging the flour around, but this is a pretty good start. ;) They have three topper or plaque options, which is where you can add a name or short message. Again, these are my sketches. I'll put them together and take some nice pictures once I get them done.

(Can you tell that I've been hanging onto this for a while? Pay no attention to that water smudge. ) ;)

(Can you tell that I've been hanging onto this for a while? Pay no attention to that water smudge. ) ;)

Here are the details about the All Occasions collection:

  • Cake flavors are limited to Chocolate, Vanilla Bean, Red Velvet and for this Valentine's SPECIAL ONLY: BANANAS FOSTER. Oh, yes I did.
  • You can't make any changes to the design, except icing color on select designs.
  • (You'll love this part...) The prices are much lower than the custom cake prices!

6" (2-layers) - Serves up to 8    $20.00

6" (3-layers) - Serves 12-15    $32.00

8" (2-layers) - Serves about 20    $50.00

8" (3-layers) - Serves around 25-32    $65.00

*DISCLAIMER: Bananas Foster could result in larger portions and/or marriage proposals.

These cakes are perfect for ALL OCCASIONS for lots of reasons. For starters, like when a holiday sneaks up on you and you don't really have the capacity to put a lot of thought into it, but you still need something special. THAT'S what this is for!

OR if you're a guy who wants to do something nice for his lady, but you've never been very good at what to do (a-hem... AKA, my husband)... THAT'S what this is for!

OOORR if you are attending a dinner or party (or dinner party) and don't want to show up empty-handed. THAT'S what this is for!

OOOORRR if you want to so something nice, but you want to keep it simple. THAT'S... well, you know!

So, let's agree on this: I WILL start bringing these cakes to life this week and next week, and YOU will not wait until the last possible minute to put something together for Christmas... UM... I mean... Valentine's Day!! (See! I'm not over it, yet!)

Until later, gators. ;)



I have FINALLY pulled the ideas out of my head and turned them into cake! Whew! That look me long enough! Here's the last three designs:

And remember, you can always see the All Occasion Collection on its own page by visiting the HoneyLove Portfolio in the main menu.