Wedding Cake Pricing & Servings Guide

Photo by Kevin+Stephanie

Cake tiers are three layers each unless otherwise noted. The prices listed below are starting prices for basic buttercream designs and shapes and do not include handmade flowers, metallics, carved tiers, and other intricate details. Contact HoneyLove for a tailored wedding cake quote. Varying tier heights are available and encouraged. Custom quotes are valid for 30 days. For more details on the HLC wedding cake booking process, click here. For fondant covered cakes, add $1.50 per serving.



6" 3-layer - Serves 18     $72.00

8" 2-layer - Serves 24     $96.00

8" 3-layer - Serves 36     $144.00

10" 3-layer - Serves 57     $228.00


2-tiered 4", 6" - Serves 30     $127.50

2-tiered 6", 8" - Serves 54     $229.50


3-tiered 4", 6", 8" - Serves 66     $297.00

3-tiered 6", 8", 10" - Serves 111     $499.50


4-tiered 6", 8", 10", 12" - Serves 195     $926.25


Many more sizes are available. Contact HoneyLove Cakery for a tailored quote.



Walnuts, Pecans, or Almonds in Filling (per tier)    $3.00

Handmade Fondant Sugar Flower Blossom (ea)    $15.00

Handmade Fondant Sugar Flower Bud (ea)    $5.00

Handmade Edible Wafer Paper Flower (ea)    $18.00

Edible Gold or Silver Leaf starts at $20



Within 10 Miles: $75.00

Beyond 10 Miles: Starting at $100.00

Photo by Kevin+Stephanie

For the HoneyLove MENU, click here.

DELIVERY is available to wedding orders of $400 or more. Toll roads, deliveries on Sundays or holidays, and distance from bakery will affect delivery price.

CAKE TASTING BOXES are available to wedding inquiries for $40. $20 is credited toward your contract when your order is booked within 30 days of your tasting for wedding cake orders of $400 or more.

Prices are subject to change at any time and availability is not guaranteed until 50% deposit is received. Guarantee your pricing and save your date by booking today.

Photo by The Lockharts and featured on RuffledBlog.

Photo by The Lockharts and featured on RuffledBlog.