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The pricing listed below is a good place to start planning your budget. Many more sizes and cake shapes are available. When you are ready for a tailored quote, hop over to our contact page to inquire about your date. 



6" 3-layers - Serves 18     $81.00

8" 2-layers - Serves 24     $108.00

8" 3-layers - Serves 36     $162.00

10" 3-layers - Serves 57     $256.50


Round 2-tier cakes

6" 4"   3-layers per tier - Serves 30     $135.00

10" 6"   2-layers per tier - Serves 40     $180.00

8" 6"   3-layers per tier - Serves 54     $243.00


Round 3-tier cakes

8" 6" 4"   3-layers per tier - Serves 66     $363.00

10" 8" 6"   3-layers per tier - Serves 111     $610.50


Round 4-tier cakes

12" 10" 8" 6"   3-layers per tier - Serves 195     $1,170.00




Walnuts, Pecans, or Almonds in Filling (per tier)    $3.00

Handmade Fondant Sugar Flower Blossom (ea)    $15.00

Handmade Fondant Sugar Flower Bud (ea)    $5.00

Handmade Edible Wafer Paper Flower (ea)    $18.00

Edible Gold or Silver Leaf starts at $20



Starts at $100.00

Delivery is available to wedding orders of $500 or more. Toll roads, deliveries on Sundays or holidays, and distance from bakery will affect delivery price.

Photo by Kevin+Stephanie

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Photo by The Lockharts and featured on RuffledBlog.

Photo by The Lockharts and featured on RuffledBlog.


Prices are subject to change at any time and availability is not guaranteed until a contract is issued. Guarantee your pricing and save your date by booking today.