Damask Baby Shower Cake

I am absolutely in LOVE with this baby shower cake! I just can't stop looking at it and I may have taken about 25 pictures of it from every angle. I try not to be too obnoxious about posting too many pictures of one cake, so here are my top favorites...

This is an 8" and 6" tiered cake covered in buttercream. (Yes, that's buttercream!) The baby carriage was made out of Rice Krispy Treats and fondant. Everything on this cake is edible with the exception of the wire in the basket shade and the rhinestone ribbon.

The damask design was cut from icing sheets with my Cameo, and then weeded by hand. (I only mention that part because it took SOOOOOO LOOOOONNNG to weed them all! I had originally planned to stencil the damask design, but what can I say? I'm a sucker for clean lines.)

I'm going to guess that the baby shower theme is ELEGANT. This will make a beautiful centerpiece at today's celebration. <3