Mickey and the Avengers

This week was all about the characters. I always say that I don't "do" characters, but just because I don't mold figurines doesn't mean I can't make my way around it. ;) This week's cakes were an example of that.

This first cake confirmed the fact that I am COMPLETELY out of the loop with the hip happenings of the kid world. I had never heard of Mickey's Clubhouse until this cake was requested, so I had to do a little reading up. I'm just going to come out and say that I NAILED IT on this theme! The Disney font and the tree might be my favorite parts of this cake.

The Avengers cake was centered around the idea that I could print out the characters with the edible ink onto icing sheets and then display them around the cake. I had an old business card that used this design a long, long time ago, which I LOVED. And I think it turned out fantastic! The topper and the "55" were both hand cut out of fondant. I adore the retro feel of the design.

This was a BIG week for me on the business side of things. I had a meeting with Michelle Green, of the Business of Baking blog. She is very well-known and respected within the caking community and I have an enormous amount of respect for her accomplishments. It was HUGE opportunity for me to get feedback on everything from my website and social media strategies to my marketing and even my bakery goals.

We scheduled this one-hour meeting online and met face to face over a Skype session. (My 5:00pm appointment was her 7:00am, as she's in Australia!) I was humbled beyond measure when she loaded me up with an enormous amount of positive feedback! We talked about my website, my cakes, my business plan, my blog, my marketing, and so much more. By the time we finished our meeting, we had gone over by nearly an hour and a half and I felt so validated by all of the work that I've been putting into this business. 

I had gone into this meeting having been in a foul mood all day over four failed batches of meringue (#bakerprobs) and I felt like a flipping champion by the time she finished with me! I can't wait to meet up again!

Speaking of a failed meringue... my cookie plans only made as far as the trash this week. What was I thinking to start my first cookie week off with THE most difficult recipe on the PLANET? Oh, well.  It's my schedule, right? Michelle says that I'm the only one putting these deadlines on myself, so WHY am I beating myself up about it? Good one, Michelle. I have no idea.

So, next week I'll give it another shot. It may be something a little less complicated than a meringue, but it's my menu anyway, right? ;) It's also another wedding weekend! A textured buttercream cake with wafer paper flowers and sugar berries and foliage will be on the to-do list next week.

Until then, friends, stay out of this crazy weather!