Building a Bakery

The last week of May took me into unfamiliar territory, indeed. I ended up without any orders or classes for the first time in ages, so I saw it as an opportunity to dive into the insanity of business plan financials and never ending spreadsheets and paperwork. I'm pretty sure that my brain had turned to mush by Thursday, and by Friday I was wandering around the house (pretty aimlessly) vocally giving myself pep talks and promising myself that I would take a shower.

Now I remember why I opted for the kitchen rather than the office so many years ago. The spreadsheets started to blend together eventually. And even though my plan looked solid on paper (or the computer screen), the prospect of projecting 3-5 years of financials is probably the most intimidating task I've had yet. So, I did the only thing that a self-driven professional in my position could do - I procrastinated.

I pulled up HBO on my iPad and made wafer paper flowers for the rest of the day.

I have to admit that the weekends really do revive me. Yes, our days off usually have that effect on most people, I suppose, but mine aren't so much because of the time off, but more so because the time with my husband helps me to put it all back into perspective. It's almost like I drive myself crazy during the week and he resets my mind and sends me back on my merry way on Monday. This weekend has been no exception.

We had some time to kill on Saturday while we waited on our daughter to finish up her viola lesson at UTA, so we dropped by Half Price Books to pass some time. I haven't sat down to let my brain shut off long enough to read an entire book in I don't know how long. As much as I like to read, it's probably still been AT LEAST a year since I finished a novel, not that I haven't tried. So, it was of no surprise to either of us when I ended up in the business section on a search for anything that could guide me in my caking obsession; how to open a bakery.

Needless to say, my Saturday night consisted of an empty house, a bowl of cherries, a highlighter, and a brand new perspective on 3-year projections. *sigh* This is the wild life that I live. Don't you love it? (I do.)  ;)

I've made a few minor adjustments in the pricing guides. The cost of doing business is going up, so it's about time for me to made a few changes. A few cake prices have increased slightly, while cupcakes, cookies, cake pops, and push pops have remained the same. As always, quoted numbers are always locked in stone fore 30-days, so if your quote hasn't expired, yet, your quote is still valid.

As for me, tonight will involve that same bowl of cherries. I'm going to (try and) find something mindless to watch on TV, but if that isn't successful, there's always a book and a highlighter.

Here's to another month passed. June will be here in the morning, and with it the beginning of a new season. Oh, Texas summer, please be kind.