Elephants, Rainbows, and Revelations

I'm sitting here in silence. There's no music playing for a change. It's just the sound of my typing and the occasional sigh of a lazy dog. Oh, Monday, how I've missed you! There are plenty of things that I should be doing right now. My kitchen is a DISASTER, for one. The hubby finally had an opportunity to make some more progress on the kitchen ceiling yesterday, so the dust is EEEEVVVVVRRRRYYYYWHHHERRRREE!! It's inevitable that I'll get it cleaned up, but there's no rush to interrupt this beautiful silence.

So, I think I'll write to my lovely cake friends first. The tapping of the keyboard has a sleepy effect on me. *yawn*

Last week was nuts! I taught classes on Monday night, Tuesday morning, Tuesday night, and Wednesday night. I baked up a storm on Wednesday and Thursday, not to mention the actual thunderstorms that rolled through last week, knocking out our power for about 12 hours once I finally put my last finished cake in the fridge on Friday. To save my sleep (and future night's sleep) we bought a generator, complete with enough juice for two fridges and plenty of phone and wifi access. I'm no camper. I'll give you that.

I stepped out of the box this week with a little carving project for a baby shower cake. When I first saw the original design I thought, "No problem!" When I actually started baking and working on it I thought "What the heck was I thinking??" This elephant cake was a challenge that forced me to think outside of my comfort zone. But golly gee was I happy about the result! This is just about as cute as it gets, and it was only posted on Instagram. Do you IG? You bet your buttercream I do!

This cake was extra special and might me my most favorite theme ever! Who doesn't love a rainbow? You just can't look at one and not be happy. :) This is the second birthday cake that I've gotten to do for Olivia. I'm flattered beyond measure that she wanted me to make her cake again this year!

I've made some big decisions over the last week and the main reason that I'm writing this blog today is to fill you in on the biggest news.

*deep breath*

I have decided to quit teaching.

There it is. I said it.


There are many factors that have impacted my decision to make this official, and the number one reason is time. It's time to prioritize the things that are the most important, to make room for the things that are the most important. The first thing is family. I have missed my last symphony performance due to weeknight schedule conflicts. I only have two years left before my last brat goes off to college. Just two! Then WHO KNOWS what!

The second decision maker: I have to work longer days at home. HoneyLove Cakery is growing bigger and better every day. I HAVE to eliminate the end-of-day commitment that weakens my ability to accomplish my daily tasks efficiently and effectively. It's just time to open up that schedule.

But FRET NOT! My classes aren't going away completely. I will still offer my sugar cookie and wafer paper classes occasionally. And I will be sending out that newsletter on a not-so-regular basis. ;)

As I write this, I am a little saddened when I think about all of the WONDERFUL people I have met over the last few years and how I will miss the regular chats with my most enthusiastic students. The cake industry is such a wonderful thing to have in common, and it has been my pleasure to teach every single of you talented people. <3 I am also enthusiastic about the future of HLC, and all of the cakey adventures that I have in store for me.

So, for now, I will be finishing up my last lessons with the Cake Carousel. I gave my notice with Wilton today. I put my next cookie class on the calendar for July (as if to comfort me in my decision), so register for The HoneyLove Newsletter to get the official announcement by email, which is scheduled for June 1st.

Love to all. Here's to the future. ;)