Parties, Weddings, and Newsletters

It's been a crazy ride around here since my last post! The oven has stayed hot and the mixer has been moving! I've even managed to get quite a bit done on the computer, including the first issue of the HoneyLove Newsletter! That was a HUGE deal for me, considering how complicated I had imagined it to be in my mind (thus, the procrastination). Surprisingly enough, it was much easier than I had expected and it turned out exactly as professional as I hoped it would look! If you missed it, be sure to sign up for the next one HERE.

I've worked on two weddings over the last couple of weeks. The first one was a black, fondant covered cake that weighed at least 50 pounds. We actually had to cart it in on a dolly! (A big thanks to my Pop for that one!) As you know, I am the buttercream guru, so I go a pretty long time in between covering cakes with fondant. Of course, I teach my students nearly every month, but you wouldn't have guessed by the look of this cake that I hadn't covered a cake of my own in nearly two years. This wedding cake turned out to be just as beautiful as I had hoped. It's easy to see why the dark wedding cakes are trending this year. And any excuse to add metallic details is something I'll jump on in a heartbeat.

This is a 12", 10" 8", and 6" black forest cake with alternating layer heights of chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream and cherry pie filling. Drool! The foliage is edible wafer paper and the handmade berries and magnolia flower are sugar.

This wasn't an easy cake to photograph. The room was DARK and only lit with PURPLE lighting! It took an enormous amount of time to get the picture to look right, so this is the only shot I've got. I'm crossing my fingers that the photographer will share his or her best shot with me when they get their images together.

This weekend's wedding cake was way more traditional, but with a really cool twist. I got to carve a super cool canteen cake! The main wedding cake was an 8", 6", and 4" buttercream beauty with two flavors: strawberry cake with strawberry Swiss meringue, and lemon cake with lemon Swiss meringue. YUM!! Oh my gosh, seriously, the dreamiest flavors!! And the Swiss meringue has swiftly become my go-to icing for filling. It compliments any cake flavor beautifully without overdoing it on the sweetness.

I had a bit of tough time photographing this one, too. The sun was strongly lighting the cake from behind. The outdoor shot is before we dressed it at the venue.

The groom's cake definitely pushed me to use my imagination. The board is covered in fondant and textured and painted to resemble a block of wood. It's a chocolate cake with alternate layers of vanilla Swiss meringue and american buttercream. It's covered in fondant and all of the details were made by hand. 

This next cake was for a lucky kid who's mom couldn't wait to make his birthday ALL about him. He LOVES Star Wars, and how fitting that the preview for the latest movie came out this weekend, just in time for Nino's birthday! He picked a WONDERFUL flavor, too: SNICKERDOODLE! MMMmmmmm!!! Double drool!! It even had a cinnamon Swiss meringue buttercream filling to put it right over the top!

This is Nino's 6" and 4" birthday cake.

I'm teaching four courses this month and the cake schedule is staying booked up a couple of weeks in advance. Needless to say, I'm a little stretched out these days. I'm considering dropping a couple of classes to focus more on the bakery side of things. I'm also hoping to add in a couple of specialty classes this summer. Sugar cookie decorating and wafer paper are on my lists to schedule. If you're interested in taking either of these classes, be sure to let me know. The more interest people show, the more likely I'll be to get them set in stone. ;)

I'm off for now. Xoxo