Where is my mind?

That old Pixies song runs through my head as I pick this blog back up today. I've said it before and I'll say it again... the older I get, the faster time flies! I can't believe that it's been a solid month since my last post. I promise, I haven't forgotten about the HoneyLove blog! I've been so busy for the last few weeks that I have barely had time to come for air!

Lots of things have kept me busy over the last few weeks. The first thing that comes to mind is my washing machine drama, as I listen to the sounds of the LG repair man doing his work in the other room; an ongoing project for the last 9 days. *grumble*

This weather is something, isn't it? We were doing donuts in the mud on Sunday, and donuts on the ice on Monday! (It's the fate of a Subaru enthusiast. *wink *wink*)  I'm so happy to have the rain (and snow), but I'll be happy to see the sun come back out and the spring-like weather roll back in. I hope it's soon, because I decided a long time ago that I'm solar-powered and it's time for a recharge!!

I've had some sweet cakes come out of my kitchen in the last few weeks. My bestest friend in the whole wide world visited us from Maryland just in time for some fantastic weather. It gave me the perfect excuse to try something out of the ordinary for my favorite boys, Mason and Leo, who's birthdays we had the opportunity to celebrate while they were here.

That same weekend was Luke's 1st birthday celebration. He had a monster theme; one that I assumed would be pretty easy to design, but I went completely blank when it came time to put it together. It turns out that artists have blocks like writers do. Who knew? It took some extra time for me to wrap my brain around this one, but I absolutely loved the end-result!

This next cake was put together for an elegant birthday dinner party. It was inspired by Ron Ben-Israel Cakes of New York's latest art piece. The buttercream string work reminds me of a dangling necklace. The party had a black and white theme, which was beautifully captured with the use of the wafer paper anemones.

And my absolute favorite feature today is this four-tiered Valentine's Day wedding cake. It has an 8" base with a 6" double barrel (2-tiers made to look like one), and a 4" top. The purple sugar flowers are the main focal point, accented by wafer paper foliage. Hand-painted metallic fondant details trim this cake out beautifully. 

The funny part about this cake, was the fact that our SUV was rear-ended within a 1/2 mile of the venue. Okay, not so funny at the time! But thankfully it was a minor bump and everyone was okay. There was no damage aside from a little nick on the back of the top tier (an easy fix) and the other guy's license plate print in my bumper. I can honestly say that if that is the only incident I have during a delivery; I'll take it without complaint. I'll still be fixing my bumper, though. ;)

The wedding inquiry season is upon us! Lots of 2015 weddings are in the works! I've already had several inquiries for this fall. I can't wait to see the fun ideas we can come up with! The wedding booking details are a fresh, new addition to this website this month, including a copy of the HLC wedding contract. I have changed the deposit policy for weddings, which I think makes much more sense than the previous process.

I am currently in the midst of a financial tracking overhaul (for the second time this year). I started out 2015 on the right track, but Quicken doesn't seem to be working for me, so I'm getting everything moved over into a complete system intended specifically for bakeries. It's much more expensive than I was hoping to have to spend, but I'm hoping it'll get me on track to KNOW my numbers like I should. It's a necessary step to that eventual storefront, I think.

Speaking of storefronts! OH MY GOSH! I almost forgot to tell you! The Cake Carousel has opened up a new location in Arlington and guess who will be teaching on MONDAY NIGHTS!! You guessed it! HoneyLove, baby! I'm so excited to get a foot in the door with this awesome, family-owned cake supply shop! And as much as I complain about leaving the house at the end of the day, I ALWAYS end up leaving my students with a big smile on my face. There's something so fulfilling about teaching newbies about the FABULOUS world of cake decorating, and I just LOVE IT!! Keep an eye out for details on Facebook, where I'll be sure to post my latest schedules as soon as they become available. You can also find my latest class information here on the HoneyLove site.

Well, this is where I leave you, for now. My kitchen is waiting. Stay warm, friends!