Camo Crazy!!

What are the odds that having never done a camo cake, I get two orders in the same week? In all, I had three camo cakes, a task that I grossly underestimated!! How tough could it be, right? Hahaha!

Good one.

The objective here is to achieve the smooth buttercream finish that I am obsessed with (complete with sharp edges) while avoiding the bleeding or blending that comes with smearing multiple colors together. Let's just say that 12 hours later, these awesome cakes were finished and I learned how to do camo today! YAY! (That's that short version that saves you from the vulgarity that REALLY went along with this story. Hehe!)

I have to admit that this has got to be the coolest party theme that I've seen yet. Camo & paintballs! I love it!


Now, this cake is for a super sweet guy that's heading off to join the U.S. Army. There's something about the Batman symbol that adds a little muscle, don't you think? ;)

Thanks to everyone who had the faith that I could pull this off this week. *wink * I've officially wiped the sweat from my brow and I'm ready to start working on the next big challenge! To all my friends out there; have a safe and wonderful weekend! Let's take in this last blast of hot summer days with grace, because it won't be long now until that fall weather starts to roll in! I have my soup recipes ready!! C'mon fall!!!