Ooooohhh... the holidays!

I know, I know! I haven't updated in a while. Let's keep it simple and blame it on the insanity of the holiday season. ;) I have officially completed my final order for the year and I write to you now as a free woman. Well, for the next couple of weeks, anyway. 

Thanksgiving was a blast! It is my most favorite holiday of them all for so many reasons. I usually start planning this shindig a couple of months in advance, but given that this was my 10th year to host I figured that I could just fly by the seat of my pants on this one. And that's exactly what I did. I pulled out an old menu and shopping list from a previous year (yes, I have those) and winged it. Okay, so half a dozen extra trips to the grocery store for forgotten items wasn't part of the plan, but I made it work!

Here's how it went this year: I got bored on Tuesday and put together a couple of things like the stuffing, marshmallow yams, green bean casserole, and cranberry sauce. Then on Wednesday, I SLAVED in the kitchen for about 13 hours making everything else. (I know! I go a little crazy on the menu.) But by Thursday... wait for it.... I'm ready. And I am SO ready, in fact, that I was actually able to mingle with the crowd! I mean, I was ACTUALLY able to leave the kitchen quite a bit while the guys fried the turkeys and my ovens kept my food warm. It was a huge success!

Even Tobi was worn out. This is the only picture that I took that day. By this time it was getting chilly and he was getting tired of laying on the ground. He stole daddy's chair next to the fire.

Thanksgiving passed and the tree went up the next day. I celebrated my birthday by asking the family to decorate the tree for me while I sat on the sofa and watched Christmas vacation. The best birthday request in my LIFE may have started a new tradition. ;) (At least, I HOPE I can get away with that one again.)

Last week's order wrapped it up for me for the year. And oooohhhh.... it was a doozy! A big thanks to the City of Pantego for the opportunity to cater their desserts for their annual Christmas party. Dozens and dozens cupcakes, cake pops, and decorated sugar cookies dominated my life last week with great results!

I decided to take a break until after the new year in hopes that the rest will help my back to recover from the torment that I've put it through over the last few weeks. I think it will be a good opportunity to stock up on supplies and reorganize my kitchen. After all, I am a sucker for a good spring cleaning!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS and HAPPY NEW YEAR to you, my friends! Be safe, and like my mother said to me and my husband says to our children now... Don't do anything stupid! Remember, AAA gives free tows and rides if you need a sober way home on New Year's Eve. (How's that for ending on a motherly note?) ;)

Until next year!


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