A wedding, a zebra panda, and a survivor.

Well, here they are! I mentioned last week of the crazy week that I had ahead of me. I was prepared to have been pushed to the edge of insanity by the list of tasks; a familiar feeling in retail, but never before in my home kitchen. Granted, you didn't hear much from me on Facebook during the last few days. My days were packed full from beginning to end, but thankfully, they were as smooth as could be. Everything went as planned and the results were nothing short of amazing.

This is the wedding cake that I delivered to Frisco BY MYSELF yesterday. I added nearly 15 minutes to the time that my GPS expected me to do. Driving like an old granny is an understatement. And if you had seen the pep talks that I constantly gave myself for the hour-long drive, you may have considered having the padded room ready for me upon arrival. The good news, though, is that I only cried once! That darned Dallas North Tollway!!! Ugh.

Arriving at the venue was like rolling up to a quaint, old country town at the Frisco Heritage Center. Simply beautiful! And, of course, the cake arrived in perfect condition (which is more than I can say for its driver). I wanted so much to stay a little longer to take in the sight of this GORGEOUS piece of art. Since I assembled it on site I didn't have much time to marvel at my work, but I was certain to take plenty of pictures!

As far as the drive home went, I may have shaved off 10 minutes from what the GPS expected! Haha! Boy, am I worn out today!

This is a 10", 8", and 6" cake iced with a smooth buttercream finish. The center tier is covered in ruffled fondant details with an edible bouquet made up of sugar leaves, buds, and berries, along with edible wafer paper roses. Burlap and lace line the top and bottom borders.

This next cake is for a sweet lady battling lupus. She said that she seldom celebrates her birthday so she wanted something special to represent how far she had come. I had never painted on a cake before so I was excited to step out of my comfort zone for such a wonderful occasion. A gold painted fondant pearl border and a gold, handmade wafer paper peony accent the gold details of the butterfly emblem. This is a 6" cake iced in buttercream with a buttercream hand"painted" floral print.

This funky cake was specially made for an especially sweet girl for her birthday! Does it get any cooler than pandas, zebra print, and hot pink? No, way! Happy birthday, Sally!

Next week is (FINALLY) a week of R&R for the hubby and myself! It's perfect timing to break in the new AWD with some off-road trails! It's time to get some mud on the tires!

I'll be back with more cake talk on the 15th, with some baby shower action! Baby booties, anyone? ;)