Pumpkin Baby

Does it get any sweeter?? Have I mentioned how much I LOVE FALL? So, what could beat a pumpkin themed baby shower? Good question. Maybe, one with pie? Mmmmm... pie.


When I get a request for a cake I always break the design down in my mind one step at a time. I usually think to myself, "Sure, I can do that," or "Bahaha! Good one." This cake was a little of both. I really pushed myself to venture out of my comfort zone this time. As you know, I pride myself on the smooth buttercream finish. I can cover a cake in fondant but it may be one of my least favorite techniques to do. I am so "Type A" that any flaw just won't do, and I stress for days before it's time to get the deed done. And to add to the discomfort, it's a carved cake to boot.

Sleep? Who needs it? ;)

Of course, when it came down to decorating day and it was time to dive in... A perfect finish and a beautifully shaped pumpkin in no time at all. In fact, this project came together so easily that I was finished BEFORE noon! The insanity! What's a cake artist to do on a Friday afternoon OUTSIDE of her kitchen???

In all of the excitement of a beautiful fall themed cake I got carried away on the pictures. I just couldn't help myself. This is a cake that I hope to do again. *love* :)

Our last week of October is upon us! I have taken on more orders for next week than I ever have. Come back again soon for a complete update on the insanity. ;)