HoneyLove 2.0

Okay, okay!! So, I couldn't leave it alone! Yes, my website was cute before and it probably didn't NEED to be changed up, but where's the fun in never rearranging?? I promise you, if my husband would let me move around our furniture I'd probably change it with the seasons. The longest I've ever owned a car is about seven years, and we won't talk about the hair colors or the paint colors in the house! ;)

October is moving along SO quickly! I think my head spun around once from the impact of the first two weeks blowing by SO FAST!! Mid October ALREADY?? I just don't know how it happens! Hold on for dear life because November is right around the corner and it's coming at us at full speed!

There are lots of things going on in the next couple of weeks. I have challenged myself on a number of upcoming projects. I have a list of toppers, wafer paper, and fondant prep work to do (which I happen to be procrastinating on as I write this). In the coming weeks I'll be painting on a cake, carving and covering a pumpkin-shaped cake, and among other things, potentially delivering a wedding cake to Frisco ALONE.

Who's stressed??? Nah.... not this girl! (I'm totally lying.)

And at the end of this CRAZY tunnel... a weekend away with my love to the Colorado mountains in November. Ahhhh. *big sigh* We could call this our spontaneous weekend-that-had-to-be-planned-in-advance-because-we're-both-so-insanely-busy getaway, but whatever it is, it'll be some well needed soul food for two soul mates. Cheesy, I know. But admittedly true, nonetheless. I am his HoneyLove, after all.

Well, happy Tuesday to you, my friends.