How's it going?

It's been a looooooonng time since I've checked in. The last time I updated you on our progress we were just about to open up our bakery in Hurst. I pretty much walked into that new HoneyLove kitchen and took up residence for the last nine and a half months. My social life consists only of those who visit me at the bakery. My personal life usually revolves around how much sleep I can cram in before the alarm goes off again tomorrow. Every. Single. Day.

It's been a blur. We hit the ground running on the 23rd of May, the day our lives changed forever. I sit here now, battered, bruised, overwhelmingly exhausted, stronger than ever, and incredibly proud of what we've accomplished. The experience of the last year has brought on more pressure than I've ever had, but it's also introduced an extraordinary opportunity to meet and bond with some pretty wonderful people; people who I have the privilege of working with every day and now consider part of my family. I am one lucky lady.

We lost a wonderful neighbor in February. Grain & Dairy Gourmet Grilled Cheese served their last customer on February 10th. It was sad day for our friends next door. We watched it being built right alongside HoneyLove last spring. Every step along the way was experienced together with our neighbors. It was a sad day for our friends. 

The closing of our neighbors brought forth an uncertainty for HoneyLove. Would the lack of foot traffic hurt our business? Where did our lunch rush go? Can we afford to lose our most active neighbor? It's been about six weeks now. And while the lunch rush disappeared, the cake rush has begun. We're busier than ever, and as it turned out, February was our best month, yet.

So, why have our hours changed? Well, many of you have had the pleasure of meeting Emily, my fantabulous, beautifully talented assistant. We are proud to announce that she has been accepted to attend TCU this fall! Of course, a plan like that doesn't come without its own pressures, so it was time for our Emily to concentrate more on her last stretch of school. Don't worry! She still comes around for visits.

Rather than rush into hiring just anyone, we decided to reduce our hours for a while until we found the perfect new addition to our team. Which brings me to our latest news... We welcomed Kriston to our team last week! She is going to take over where Emily left off, and she's really rocking it so far!

The last year has really been a whirlwind of craziness. It's blown by so quickly that it's hard to believe that our first anniversary is right around the corner. We have conquered orders that made us wonder "How'd we pull that off?" and pushed ourselves farther than we knew we could handle. Teamwork is an understatement. Late nights, early mornings, and even cat naps on the bathroom cot are just a glimpse of what this bakery has demanded of us. 

I'm going to be better about posting here. I can't promise that it will be every week, but I'm really interested in giving you a glimpse into our world. (It took me a week to pull this post together, so hopefully I'll get a little faster, too!) I want you to get to know us a little better and I hope that a little blogging will help. More to come this week, so don't go far!


New Assistant Needed

HoneyLove Cakery is searching for another multi-talented assistant. Tasks include sales up front, processing orders, answering the phone, and helping out in the kitchen with lots of projects. We have a very small staff, so it is vital that we find a dependable, responsible, and hard-working individual to fill the position.

Excellent customer service skills and a lively personality is a must. Organizational and creative qualities are a plus. This is a great opportunity for a high school or college student who needs an after school schedule.

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The HLC bakery is coming!

I'm SORRY! It's been ages and ages since I written a good blog post. I'm dizzy from the head spinning that started in January. That's when we found the bakery location. When we talked on New Year's Eve about what 2016 had in store for us, I wouldn't have guessed this in a MILLION years. In fact, we were planning to finish up our home improvement projects. We had already begun to collect quite a bit of project materials in anticipation of our upcoming projects - at HOME.

It's so funny how life can take an unexpected turn. Almost out of habit I always kept a look out for the perfect HoneyLove location. I've been checking out locations for nearly two years. I've seen the entire perimeter of almost every plaza of potential leasing space in the Arlington area. The prospects were always grim, so I was patiently waiting for the right spot to turn up. I expanded my search one day in January. Why not see what's outside of Arlington? I have an open mind.

And there it was. 

My husband's family lives in Hurst and my sister-in-law does my hair nearby. I drove by after an appointment one day to check it out. It was empty. No other businesses. No walls. Nothing. Nah. This will never happen. I went home.

About a week later, I was looking around again and came across this space. I knew nothing about the area. I knew nothing about new construction. Why not give them a call? 

It's all a blur from there.

Within days, we had a deal. The owner (and his wonderful family) welcomed me in so graciously, with such enthusiasm. They pretty much took me by the hand and have walked me through this crazy process as we go. It's an overwhelming experience that I never could have gotten through or had the opportunity to experience without them. 

I have been posting a TON of pictures on Snapchat, and a few on Instagram. Here is a collection of snapshots during the construction phase.

We are finally nearing the end! We should have power by the end of this week and we hope to start moving in next week. Our grand opening will follow within a couple of weeks of moving in. I plan to have a solid date on the opening once our final inspection is complete.

May is full, but I am expanding my calendar starting in June! Let's start talking cake!


Brides of North Texas Magazine

My, my, my! What a week! Not a day goes by that doesn't include SOME sort of inquiry or order. The 2015 calendar has officially filled up and January isn't far behind.

As I sit here on my "day off" (good one) answering emails and sending out quotes, I am compelled to tell you what a lucky girl I am to have such wonderful clients. Your fabulous reviews and referrals have helped my little business grow at such a rate that I never would have expected. I am eternally grateful for your kind words, and one of these days when I come up for air and figure out a way to thank you more formally, I will. And for the record, in all of my insanity, I am keeping track. :)

And to make it all THAT much more exciting (this is where I jump up and down, squealing): HoneyLove is officially a featured vendor for the Brides of North Texas magazine! And there couldn't be better timing, as this week's blog featured HoneyLove in their Vows that Wow highlight. This wedding will also make the magazine's spring of 2016 issue. I can't wait to see it in print! 

Vows that Wow - Dallas Wedding - Meghan + Donovan | Brides of North Texas

Meghan + Donovan's beautifully vibrant wedding at Piazza in the Village captured by wedding photographer Nicole Berrett Photography is too fun not to share! The team at Paper Planet crafted the perfect wedding invitation for this sweet couple, and that gorgeous cake from Honeylove Cakery is just incredible!

I wish I could tell you all about the adventures that I've had since my last blog post but there isn't enough time left in the day! This old lady is ready to veg out! It's back to the races tomorrow with another wedding cake to deliver. I get so excited to take pictures! :)

Until later...

(and not four months from now. I promise.)


Louis Vuitton and a Prince

How lucky was I to have such gorgeous cake designs to work on this week?? I especially love how each client was so excited to see their cakes for the first time! They both made my day today. <3

This cake is for a lucky lady who's fiance really wanted to do something special for her birthday. I think he did a fantastic job. ;) It's a single layer 8" with a 6" with 3 layers, and a 4" with 2 layers. And you can never go wrong with strawberry. *drool*

The next cake is for a royal baby shower! Prince Eliah will certainly get the royal treatment today! Okay, so his mama will for sure when she gets to taste my Bananas Foster for the first time! Oooooohhhhh... I can taste it now. And we thought it couldn't get any better, but we did a brown sugar Swiss meringue buttercream with this one! It was so good, I nearly baked one for myself! Could you imagine my Saturday night, in bed with Bananas Foster? Haha! Oh, the visual. This is an 8" 3-layer and a 6" 3-layer buttercream cake with fondant details. Everything is handmade, hand painted, and the grid is even hand carved.

Have you ever seen the butter carving contests at the state fairs? The quilting technique reminded me of that, shaving it down one line a a time and refrigerating constantly. I think it turned out fantastic!